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Our Company

Cosota has developed its own "pitstop" organisation.

Cosota is a company dedicated to perform highly efficient and cost effective (world class) shutdowns and turnarounds for the Oil & Gas, Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Paper & Pulp, Steel, Glass, Food, Cement, Utility and other related process industries.

Cosota has the mindset that the only way to execute a shutdown is to organise all activities like a project with experts in the "driving seat", supplied with state of the art management support tools. This way you focus on your business while Cosota takes care of executing the shutdown on time, within the budget, to high quality standards, without lost-time accidents and minimum production losses.


Cosota offers a fully integrated package for planning and executing plant  shutdown and turnaround projects to the process industry.


Prepared for Shutdown?

Shutdowns and turnarounds are integral parts of every process industries  operation. Why are so few companies able to execute shutdowns & turnarounds  effectively and efficiently?

Cosota is dedicated to become your sustainable business partner to improve your Shutdowns and Turnarounds processes.